There is nothing quite like a project that fully engrosses you. The campaign, Be a Part of Something Mammoth, has done just that to me for the last few months. I knew very little about the park, only a few mouthfuls about the non-profit group running the campaign, but I have learned a great deal in a short amount of time. The IndieGogo campaign was launched last Wednesday the 15th, and so far I think the reception has been positive. While it hasn't quite hit our first $1,000 mark, we're very close and not even a week into it. Granted the final goal is $70,000, but any amount is amazing. It gets them just that much closer to their goal.

While I'm not a member of the non-profit group running the show, Friends of Big Bone, being so close to the action and neck deep in it has made me passionate about their cause. They made me care! That's one of the great perks to being a freelancer and getting to work so close with my clients; their passion for their projects can rub off on me and make me want them to succeed just as much as they do. If not more so since my work is the face of their project. When I worked for a large company, I may have never met the clients or even just their liaison for a project. I heard names of the decision makers, but never saw their face or had a reason to meet with them. I was in the background, making graphics according to a sheet of must-haves or avoid-this items. I had no reason to be emotionally invested or even excited for what they were doing. I was so far removed that I couldn't care. Now, after breaking out solo, I WANT to care about each client and project.

I meet new clients in the flesh, in a relaxed environment, chit-chat with them and get an opportunity to understand why they do what is it they're doing. I get to see the people behind the brands/products/services/causes and that makes it worth while for me. Who wouldn't want to work with people like that? Granted there are some clients I've never met in person due to the distance between us. But I still treat every client the same; like a person.

If you want to see the glorious final product that is the Be a Part of Something Mammoth campaign, you can check it out here:

Feel free to donate and/or share the campaign with everyone you think would want to help out or would enjoy the perks being offered. The

Friends of Big Bone made me care, and I want everyone to care too!

The campaign runs till May 15th, so get to it! And thanks!