Fueled by passion

Also coffee and sarcasm

Rocking that first impression


FireMane Studio started out as a portfolio platform for the founder, Sarah Phipps. It was a side hustle in 2008 while she was in college and working other creative jobs. After graduation, Sarah worked with large agencies and saw the army of people involved to complete projects. Clients were putting down tens of thousands of dollars for a single logo.

‘No small business can afford that! But they need those services.’

So, Sarah launched FireMane Studio as a response to the needs of smaller companies and entrepreneurs. With FireMane Studio, clients have a direct line to a creative team, lower overhead expenses, and work that is oriented toward their market and not to trends.

Being a small business owner herself, she understands the struggles and challenges of wearing all the hats. Her goal is to offer her specific skill set to companies that don't have the budget to hire a full creative agency. Keeping her prices affordable while still delivering stellar results make her client's visuals shine bright without breaking the bank!


Sarah is a healthy balance of logically driven with a devil-may-care attitude. Her passion for amazing graphic design and illustration make her an invaluable partner in developing brands and creating stunning visuals. Sarah's classical fine art training gives her an eye that other designers just don't have. She can see the whole picture and uses her skills to tell the stories of her clients.

Sarah is a Vanlifer. In 2020, she bought and outfitted a passenger van into her home on wheels. Yes, she actually does live in a van down by the river. Or by the lake, or in the desert, or in the mountains. Anywhere the van can go is home! When Sarah founded FireMane Studio in 2014, it was a remote-first business. As her clients were all over the country (and now the world!), she wanted to be easily accessible to them. She was a remote worker before it was cool.

Along with her dog co-pilot, Pele, Sarah is on a mission to see all of North America before turning 50! Working remotely while on the road allows Sarah to keep her overhead low, and pass on that savings to her clients. Further supporting her drive (pun intended) to provide the best customized design services to businesses that are on tight budgets.