Fueled by passion

Also coffee and sarcasm

Rocking that first impression


FireMane Studio started out as a portfolio platform for the founder, Sarah Phipps. It was a side hustle in 2008 while she was in college and working other creative jobs.

After graduation, Sarah worked with large agencies and saw the army of people involved to complete projects. Clients were putting down tens of thousands of dollars for a single logo.

‘No small business can afford that!
But they need those services.’

So Sarah launched FireMane Studio as a response to the needs of smaller companies and entrepreneurs. With FireMane Studio, clients have a direct line to the creative team, lower overhead expenses, and work that is oriented toward their market and not to trends.


Sarah is a healthy balance of logically driven with a devil-may-care attitude. Her passion for amazing graphic design and illustration makes her an invaluable partner in developing brands and creating stunning visuals.

Sarah’s classical fine art training gives her an eye that other designers just don’t have. She can see the whole picture and puts her skills to work telling the stories of her clients.

When not at work, Sarah is enjoying the antics of her miniature dachshund, kayaking on the Little Miami river, or sipping coffee in downtown Cincinnati sketching on her tablet.


Corporate Design, Brand Collateral,
Identity Systems, Illustration, Logos


Editorial Design, Book Covers,
Conference Design, Magazine
Layouts, Posters, Signage, Stationery
Systems, Product Catalogs


Digital Magazines, Digital Ads,
Iconography, Email Blasts, Websites