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Retainer Packages

Level 1: Kindling

Ideal for businesses with creative teams that need assistance with lower priority tasks. Focus on your big clients while still getting your other projects completed.

Perfect for:

  • Cozy / small companies
  • Short term projects
  • Light on-going creative support

Time: 10 hours / month
Price: $600

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Level 2: Cozy Fire

Great for companies looking to support their creatives with a contributing designer. Also useful for businesses with steady creative needs, but no in-house designer.

Perfect for:

  • Moderate creative support
  • Repeating monthly projects
  • Overflow work needs

Time: 15 hours / month
Price: $825

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Level 3: Bonfire

The best plan for businesses ready to hand off their creative workloads. Your projects get top priority every month with this plan. No monthly minimum.

Perfect for:

  • Full creative hand-over
  • Short and intense project needs
  • Day-to-day creative tasks

Time: 20 hours / month
Price: $1,000

Book Level 3
*Three month minimum on Level 1 and Level 2 plans. Contact us for more details.

One Time Projects

If you currently don’t have on-going design projects but still need creative help, a one time arrangement is the best match for you. We’ll discuss your project and we’ll generate a quote based on your needs and our suggestions to get it done right. Quotes are tailored for each project’s specifications, and estimated time and resources involved.

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*Quotes are good for thirty days and are subject to calendar availability.