Here There be a Designer

by Sarah PhippsNovember 1, 2014

An Introduction

Salutations internet denizen and welcome to the blog of FireMane Studio! The purpose of this blog will be to remove the veil that the world of design hides behind in the process and creation of itself. No secrets here! This is help you, the non-designer, to better understand exactly what goes into creating something like a logo or a package design. If only there was a button to push and a logo would magically pop out. Sadly it isn't that simple. And speaking from the vantage point of someone who knows the steps, I keep forgetting that not everyone understands all the work that is involved. I hope this blog will shed a light into the unknown for you non-designers and non-creatives out there.

This blog will also be a place where I share my thoughts on design (both good and bad), things that inspire me, and also things that irk me as a designer. I've been immersed in the creative world since I was two years old and I want to share my knowledge and experiences. I completely count drawing on walls as a toddler as immersing myself.

So please stop by and check out my musings about art and design!

Supreme Leader of FireMane Studio