Vacation for Freelancers

by Sarah PhippsJuly 4, 2016

Vacation abound! Well, for many people anyway. It's July 4th and is the last day for a long weekend for many people. Those of us that work for ourselves, this weekend might have been nothing more than a time to play catch up on projects. But where is the fun in that? We are entitled to time off as well.

Vacation Assignment

You're the boss of a company and it's your job to make sure: invoices get sent out, emails get followed up, bills are paid, and vacation time is assigned. That's right; assign vacation time. I only use the term "assign" to emphasis how important it is to give yourself a break every once in a while. You'll have to plan your project schedules around your time off anyway. Why not make vacation another project? The problem with viewing vacation as a break from work means you have to uncouple your thoughts from work mode. Which is the point but it has always been a problem for me, personally. But when I treated time off like another project, I was able to flow out and back into work mode without as much strain on my brain. Time off is just as important as getting work done.

Clocking Back In Mentally

Coming home from a vacation seems to take a long time to adjust to. Getting back into work mode is a struggle as your mind is still on that beach you left just days ago. You're back in the office but you aren't mentally caught up. That's why I treat time off as an assignment. I'm aware of the start date and end date, which keeps my brain in a work flow mode. There's a deadline to be mindful of. You can still enjoy your time away from work, but freelancing demands you to jump back in immediately. Unless you delegate projects to other people, it's on you to pick up where you left off. That can be stressful and might undo all that relaxing in the woods by the lake you just accomplished.

You're Allowed to Relax

No matter where you go on your vacation, enjoy it. No matter how much time off you are able to give yourself, enjoy it. You are allowed to relax and take a day or two to breathe with out emails and projects nagging you. Whether you stay at home or fly to the other side of the globe, take a moment to yourself and relax. You've earned it.