We're Nine!

by Sarah PhippsJanuary 3, 2017

Happy New Year! And also, Happy Birthday to FireMane Studio! Yes, we're turning nine this January. It's grown from a simple side-job for a solo designer to the full blown company it is today. Nine years doesn't seem that long but as the person who has been running this show for 99.99% of it, it feels a lot longer.

A Huge Present for Us

As it is the company's birthday, we're giving ourselves a very special gift. A brand new website with a clear focus on our mission and target clientele! We look all legit and stuff now. This project has been in the works for the better part of a year but it was the cobbler's children dilemma. Everyone else got new shoes but the cobbler's children. We have been so focused on gaining more exposure, signing on new clients, and completing those projects that we pushed our plans to the back burner. Well not this time! We ran the equivalent of ten marathons in the span of just a few days to design and build the new website.

New Staff in the Ranks

I would like to introduce, and welcome, a lady whom I've known and been working with for over a decade. Josey, title of the happy minion, has come on board as the company's official web developing guru with mad coding skills. Although it's just the two of us running this machine, that's pretty awesome to us! The newest dynamic duo is armed and ready to make great logos and websites.

What's Coming This Year

Now that we're more focused on the services we offer, I personally want to get into more illustration oriented work. It's where I came from as an artist and would like to get back to it. Of course I'll still be making all the graphics I've created the last nine years, I just want to keep growing in the illustration department. Those are projects I thrive with but I find not many people call for it. Even if it isn't work related, you can bet I'll be making a lot of fun pieces just to scratch that illustration itch.

We're also going to be blogging once a week! Josey brings her knowledge and expertise on internet security and what you can do to keep yourself more protected while on the web. I'll be blogging about design tips, tricks, and maybe some how-to's in the future.

We hope you'll join us as we rock out 2017 with our new website, blogs, and check out the new projects we complete along the way. Cheers!